Vail Doubles Schedule


 Sand Divisions

Thursday June 17th - All Masters 8am

Friday June 18th, Saturday June 19th, and June 20th - Men's and Women's Open

*Sand Divisions will play on 3 courts at Vail Athletic Fields and 1 court at Red Sandstone Park


Grass Divisions

Friday June 18th - All Coed Divisions 8:30am

Saturday June 19th - All Men's and Juniors Divisions 8:30am Men's will play at Ford Field, Junior's will play at Vail Athletic Fields

Sunday June 20th - All Women's, Father/Daughter, and Father/Son Divisions 8:30am Women's and Father/Son will play at Ford Field, Father/Daughter will play at Vail Athletic Fields


*All Grass Divisions are 1 day tournaments - start and finish same day

**Grass Divisions will play in 3 parks - Ford Field Sports Complex / Vail Athletic Fields / Eagle Vail Soccer Field