1. Is coaching allowed for juniors?

Adults that may be coaching a team must contact the director prior to the event and agree to the following guidelines:
- Coaches are only allowed to speak to their team and may not advocate for their players in disputes. Players must represent themselves.
- Coaching cannot delay play. Coaches can only have contact with their players during a timeout or in between sets.
- Coaches must stay on their team’s side of the net at all times and behind where the ten-foot line would be.
- No person shall make comments to an opposite team that could be interpreted as distractive or demeaning.



2. How can I contact someone the week of the event?

Emails sent through this site are monitored until the Wednesday of the event. You can contact a live human at the Volleyball of the Rockies main number, 303, 745-2255 during regular office hours until Friday at 5pm.  You best be during the event will be the main tent near the sand courts on the Vail Athletic Fields.



3. I didn’t get a response to an email question?

Every effort has been made to provide all the information you need on this site. If you email a question that is answered somewhere on this site you will not receive a reply. Please make sure you review all the different sections before sending your question. If your question is not answered somewhere on this site, and the Registrar can answer the question, you will get a reply. If the Registrar has to forward your question on to the Promoter or Director you should expect a reply from those individuals.



4. What rules and/or formats are used at the King of the Mountain?

All divisions: FIVB rules apply. Open sand divisions play double elimination; match play; rally scoring (21/21/15); other sand divisions play match play in winners and 1 to 25 in losers. All grass divisions are pool play. Co-ed divisions break the top teams into a single-elimination bracket on Friday. All Co-ed divisions will finish on Friday. Junior divisions are pool play on Saturday with top teams moving into single-elim playoff finishing the same day. All other adult grass divisions are pool play on Saturday with the top two teams moving into a double-elimination match-play Championship bracket on Sunday and remaining teams moving into a single-elimination match-play Festival bracket. Tournament Director may adjust this format at any time depending upon weather or other situations that my delay play.



5. Can a co-ed team play in a Men’s division?

No. Co-ed teams are not allowed to play in a men’s division.



6. If my partner is injured can I pick up a substitute?

There are no substitutions in doubles. You must finish the tournament with the partner you started with or drop out of the event. If you have used your timeouts you can select to play as an individual until your partner recovers if that is a possiblity.



7. What ball will be played at the King of the Mountain?

MOLTEN, MOLTEN, or perhap if you have one....a MOLTEN.  



8. I tried to sign up online but the division closed?

Vail Doubles closes out divions in multiples of 6 which alllows to run 6 team pools on either 2 or 3 nets.  If a division is closed out, you may play up a division or get on the waitlist. 



9. Can I check if my team made it in?

All registrations are done through AVP America and you can confirm your registratino there. 



10. What if my team has to cancel?

Occasionally teams or players have to cancel.  Credit card entries are processed the same day so there are never refunds or credits offered for online entries. After the payment has been processed, the player or team will receive credit towards a future entry on a case by case basis. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED, for any reason.



11. What if a division closes before my entry is received?

Since all registrations are online with AVPAmerica, this can no longer happen.



12. How can I enter before a division closes?

Just signe up in a timely fashion. 



13. How many teams are accepted in each division?

Typically,  we only limits the sand divisions.  Other divisions will be capped as the event approaches in order to fit logical sizes. 



14. Can I contact the Tournament Director?<

Tournament Director and Registrar: Will Stevens, Volleyball of the Rockies   303 745.2255, M-F, 8-5pm, MST