Open: Men's and Women's 

Prizes for Men's and Women's Open (sand) Divisions include Cash, In-Kind, or Both.  The participants will compete for almost in $8,000 in prize money and in-kind prizes.  Distributions for the Open Division are determined by the number of participants.   Prizes for a full 32 team draw would include: 

  • 1st:   $1,300  Molten Volleyballs, Clothing
  • 2nd:  $600    Molten Volleyballs, Clothing
  • 3rd:  $400     Clothing
  • 3rd:  $400     Clothing
  • 5th:  $200     Clothing
  • 5th:  $200     Clothing
  • 7th:  Molten Volleyballs
  • 7th:  Molten Volleyballs

AA Grass Divisions

Volleyball of the Rockies began adding "AA" grass divisions to their events in 2015, creating an "Open" division for tip grass teams and a place to advance the winners of "A" divisions.  In the summer of 2021, VOTR began offering cash prizes in this division.   Prize guidelines include:  

  • Prizes for 1st, and 2nd place teams. 
  • 3-6 teams:     See Grass Prizes below
  • 7-10 Teams:   1st $100 
  • 11-15 teams:   1st @ $200
  • 16+ teams:    1st @ $300, 2nd @ $150     

All Other Grass Divisions

Vail King of the Mountain Volleyball provides prizes for all grass divisions based on number of teams participating.  Prizes can be claimed at the "prize trailer" near the Sand Court at the Vail Athletic Fields (link).     . 

  • 6-20 Teams:     Prizes for 1st and 2nd
  • 21-48 Teams:   Prizes through 3rd
  • 48+ Teams:     Prizes through 5th

Prize for grass prizes will include Molten Volleyballs, Bolle Sunglassed, Clothing, ets.  1st and 2nd place finishers alway recieve volleyballs.  Prizes typically include a combination of the following, dictated by division size:

  • Cash ... (see Grass AA and Sand Open)
  • $50 …  Backpacks and Molten Beach Volleyball Balls with Custom Art
  • $45 …  Sweatshirts and Sweatpants 
  • $30 …  Long Sleeve Dry Fits
  • $20 …  T-Shirts
  • TBD … Misc Gift Certificates* for Local Vendors

*Note: Gift Certificates are never used for Sunday finalists who may be unable to redeem them prior to departure from Vail